Personalized Attention
Jane is a hands-on trainer that personally supervises every aspect of your horses care and training. She evaluates each horse and determines what their individual needs are, for some  horses that may mean changes in training routines, feeding schedules, daily ice therapy, undergoing shoeing alternatives or  applying specialized liniments or salves. 

The Advantage

The Details
Daily attention to small tasks are what makes the difference at Jane's barn; one example is that each horse's temperature is taken twice a day - this process helps signal any abnormalities and alerts the staff to watch for any up-coming problems. Jane and her staff weigh every horse weekly and after a workout or race to further monitor the horses well being.
Latest Advancements
Treatments such as laser, magnetic therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic care are routinely utilized to effectively enhance your horses performance on the track.
Owners can expect constant updates and honest communication on your horse's progress and current condition. Whether it be workouts, upcoming race plans or after race status Jane is always available to address your questions or concerns.