The Morning

The typical day begins at 4:30 am when the horses are fed a small breakfast and their legs checked by Jane and her staff - then temperatures are taken by the grooms and any pre-training supplements are administered. Jane then confers the days plan with her assistant trainers.

When the track open for training - typically 6:00  A.M.  Jane is trackside to supervise the horses daily exercise routines and workouts. By break time the jockey agents have called to coordinated for upcoming races and check what horses future plans include.

After the break the babies are usually on the track - gate schooling is scheduled and workouts commencing - all while back at the barn horses are walked, bathed and groomed.

When training has finished the blacksmiths, dentists and vets visit to treat their patients under Jane's supervision; simultaneously the horses legs are iced when appropriate and liniments are applied.

Morning feed time is usually at 11:00 A.M.  and a focal point for Jane and her crew; each horses feed plan is individualized with specific additives and supplements mixed in their grain rations.

During the mid-morning hours Jane is talking to owners keeping them abreast of any updates or changes and planning the following mornings activity for training and therapy treatments.